Organization is not everyone’s strong suit.  Managing a database, or multiple databases, can be challenging.  It takes a certain measure of protective oversight, versatile software, and procedural effort to properly maintain data over time.

A single organization may have multiple segments of customers, prospects, vendors, and others they market to on a regular basis. In addition, there may be multiple suppression or “do not mail” lists that must be continuously updated and implemented during processing for direct mail. Phillips Strategic Marketing has several ways to manage this data for you. We have a secure system for data storage and rigid procedure for data processing. We can output a variety of segments of your data from previous mailings at any given time. We can also manage suppression lists for you and insure they are always implemented as part of our standard procedure on your mailings. If you need access to your data on a regular basis, we can set up an external portal so that there is no duplication or conflicts in currency between the data you update and what is used for your direct marketing.

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