A direct mail campaign is only as good as its mailing list. Having relevant marketing data is key to a successful direct mail campaign. No matter how good the design, content, or offer is, it will not be effective if the recipient receiving the piece is not a valid prospect.

Phillips Strategic Marketing can help you get a relevant and accurate mailing list that will make the most of your marketing efforts. We provide several services from refining your existing data, to appending and comparing data, to list purchasing based upon a large variety of criteria.

Refining Existing Data

If you have an existing database you wish to use for a mailing we can provide all of the services necessary to prepare the list for bulk mailing in order to receive the largest postage discounts.

We process every list for mailing through CASS and NCOA certification to insure it is a valid and current delivery address, as well as de-duping to one per individual or one per household as requested. We also provide advanced de-duping, merge/purge, and other ancillary processes to manipulate or segment data as necessary.

Appending Services

Want to know more about your existing database? We can append all types of information to your existing data such as household income, net worth, age, if there are children in the home, etc. This information can be extremely valuable by providing a more detailed picture of what your current customers look like in order to target new prospects with the same criteria. This information can also be very useful when segmenting data for different marketing approaches.

List Purchasing

If you don’t have an existing database or wish to market to new prospects, Phillips Strategic Marketing can help you through the process of purchasing a list. There are several things to consider when purchasing a list: how many records you ultimately need, what qualifiers you want to use to refine the list, and if suppression against an existing database is needed. There are a large variety of criteria that you can use to qualify a list such as zip code, radius, household income, age, etc. Criteria will often have to be added or removed in steps in order to get the results to an expected quantity. We can also suppress purchased data against a do not mail list or existing database to insure you are not purchasing data you already have.

For more information about how refining your data could help you grow your business, contact us or call 1-888-ASK-PHIL.